Signature Requirements

  • Please draw a rectangular box of size 2 cm × 7 cm (Height × Width) on a white paper. Sign with black or dark blue ink pen completely within this box horizontally.

  • A signature with all CAPITAL LETTERS, Initials or in any other colour (other than black and blue) shall NOT be accepted.

  • Get the digital image of the rectangular box (with your signature inside) scanned by using a professional scanner. Crop it to the border of the box.

  • Only JPEG image format will be accepted.

  • The maximum image size of the signature should be 160×560 in pixels.

  • The minimum image size of the signature should be 80×280 in pixels.

  • The file size of the image should be in the range of 50 kB to 150 kB.

Tips for Resizing Image

Some samples of acceptable good-quality signatures and rejected poor-quality signatures are shown below:
A. Samples of Acceptable Signatures

B. Sample of Rejected Signatures
Signature in dark background Signature in ALL CAPITAL
Signature outside the rectangle Signature in other than blue or black ink
Signature outside the rectangle and not signed horizontally Signature is too small to view
Signature is too hazy Signature with background or writeup not allowed